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They say destiny is determined by your decision. That is very true when it comes to your career.

At CommxConnect, we empower your career to move forward. We help develop your own leadership skills. Such that you may help others learn as well.

We're not just a CommxConnect. We're a mentoring partnership. We have Career Experts across diverse fields to assist you in all aspects.

Discover our Knowledge.

Discover our Experience.

And in this journey, Discover Yourself.

How Does It Work?

Bespoke conversation all about you.
Spend 60 minutes one-on-one with one of our Industry based career coaches.

Choose a Career Specialization

Browse our list of specializations and select one based on your priorities - whether business analytics, business development, risk management or any academic adviser.

Schedule a Session

When you book, we'll ask you to tell us a about yourself briefly. You career coach will read the brief given by you prior to your meeting. We will get in touch directly to schedule a date and time that works for you.

Take Consultation

You'll meet your coach on a Zoom call and begin the conversation for a 60-minute session personalized to your needs and goals. Go ahead, ask anything and everything career - related.

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Always available to tell you more about our mentors and help you find the right mentor for you. Click on contact us at the end of this page.

CommxConnect. Solutions. Simplified.

You can seek guidance on industry insight career exploration career preparation + job readiness + networking + job search strategy career growth strategy + goals personal branding leadership training public speaking + presentations. CommxConnect is a unique Industry Professionals Network that aims to coach on your career journey. It provides myriad solutions to those looking for direction in their careers and helps students to choose a career in where their passion lies.

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All this through a next-generation Career Ecosystem. Connecting in real-time industry professionals, knowledge academia and on-ground peers.

Client's Feedback

Client's Feedback

Mr. Rahul Samuel

University of Toronto

As I approach my graduation in Finance and Economics from the University of Toronto, I am extremely uncertain about future job prospects in today's environment. Career Mentor has allowed me to network with professionals, giving me insight into what it takes to succeed in the finance industry.

Client's Feedback

Ms. Anahita Ghai

Finding the right internship in covid times has been especially difficult as plans have had to be reworked. Glad that I have a clear direction as I am going back to Western University for my final semester. Thanks Career Mentor. Advice from industry experts in fashion help me stay ahead and make informed decisions.

Client's Feedback

Mr. Suraj Mani

The Singing Sensei, Singer songwriter. (Motherjane, Suraj Mani - The Tattva Trip)

A good teacher will simplify a subject for you and make you feel that your initial steps into a complex field are effortless. A 'great' teacher will simplify the subject SO MUCH that you will sometimes wonder whether you ever needed them. (You do!) With a 'great' teacher, your first few steps are so effortless, you feel like you're dancing with ease. Alwyn Fernandes is a 'great' mentor... of the guitar, of music and life.

Client's Feedback

Ms. Priyansha


My mentorship experience was truly inspirational. My mentor and I discussed all my concern in conversation while sharing our own experiences. I had a bit of understanding of what Digital Marketing is, but a mentoring consultation with Santesh Row was truly inspirational, his insights helped reveal much more and gave me a clearer perspective which I really appreciate. He said and I quote "Live in the day", and that's an advice I'll always remember...