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Information Security (CISO)

The Chief Information Security Officer(CISO)’s job is to protect a company’s digital assets. Security leaders’ job requirements are multilayered, increasingly complex, and vital to all business units within the organization. Paying proper attention to the core responsibilities is key to a CISO’s role. Become informed and decide if this is for you. A well-tuned CISO is able to run and develop enterprise-wide security programs, report and control incidents, manage and train his ecosystem, create preventive plans, and employ well-rounded communication skills.


A glipmse of the mentor panel

  • Mentor

    Marc Karschies 
    CXO-Management, Customer Experience
    Government and Banking
    20+ years

  • Mentor

    Nikoy Valentinov
    Human Resources
    20+ years

  • Mentor

    Milli Stevenson
    Human Resources
    20 years

  • Mentor

    Katerina Kalantzi
    Talent Management
    Consulting, Banking
    20 years

  • Mentor

    Valentina Pignotti
    Business Development
    Management, Investment
    15 Years

  • Mentor

    Santesh Rao
    Creative Industry
    Media and advertising
    20+ Years

  • Mentor

    Jasmine Cattai Paladin
    Transactions and Corporate Finance
    15+ years

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✓ One 60 minutes e-meeting with Industry Mentor

✓ Follow-up Email conversation with Mentor for a month

✓ Access to Career Talk Webinar

✓ Access to Career Mentor Library

✓ Access to Career mentor Magazine

✓ *Career Analysis Psychometric test

✓ Connection with Peers in the your career field

*Test cost is additional

About our mentors

Becoming a CISO is not just a matter of good qualifications and experience. The journey takes you through the basic job roles to the more advanced areas of roles and responsibilities and understanding details before you can take up a CISO role.

Our mentors are carefully aligned and selected to work with you individually to cater to your expectations and beyond. They have years of experience in information security, testing, cyber security, engineering, analysis, ethical hacking, architecture, consultancy, security auditing, penetration testing, and SOC, NOC, and GRC manager roles, covering all the industry sectors from health, banking, government, energy, and telcos. They have 20+ years of experience, which will give you immense material exposure. They are very encouraging and understand the importance of helping the new generation to be well prepared and mature. They are ready to share their journeys as policymakers, framework designers, auditors, providers, and regulators. Their experiences will give you important insight to make meaningful decisions and avoid wasting your time.

Our mentors have impressive academic and professional backgrounds, coming from the London School of Economics, Yorkshire Asian Business Association, London Business School, California Institute of Integral Studies, University of Surrey, University of Sofia, University of Roma Tre, and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, University of Manchester, Emlyon Business School to name a few.

We aim to provide mentors who can showcase optimal work-life balance. They may surprise you with the leisure activities they engage in, such as studies in gender politics, literary and music festivals, and allied qualifications you can build during your studies so you are absolutely prepared for work-life balance.

Our mentors have exposure to various industries, including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, banking, financial services, aviation, hospitality, information technology, oil and gas, healthcare, trading, software services, government sectors and higher education, and they come from various parts of the world, such as Europe, the Gulf Coast, and the US, specifically countries like Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, England, Rome, and India.

Does this sound good to you? It does to us. We want you to have these experiences, and it’s easy!