About us


To enhance youth career transitions and promote mid-age professionals’ career profession by harnessing the experience of industry mentors and providing coaching.


To engage with industry mentors to promote successful youth career transitions

To boost mature professionals’ career progression through industry mentoring and coaching.

To deliver quality career development and transformation programmes online.

To support workforce re-skilling post-pandemic and promote self-learning.

To contribute to the development of national human capital.

Our Mentor Teams

Our team of mentors are industry experts and professionals who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields and always ready to share the depth of knowledge they have gathered over the years with willing students, young professionals as well as established business executives. When you follow the trail blazers in your niche, you are bound to be on your way to the peak of your career.
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Why Subscribe to Any of Our Mentor Program?

A Very Strong and healthy Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Possibility of Peer To Peer Discussions

Best and latest insights into Modern Careers

Mentoring Using Pragmatic Approach

Blended & fully Digitised Workshops and Trainings

Mining of the latest and fture trends globally

Open and Clear Communication Line

Smooth Ending and Continuous Support System

Bespoke conversations with expert guidance

Advisory Team

Dr. Reena Chitragar


Katerina Kalantzi

Workshop Facilitator and Life and Career Coach

Fatma Al Jahwari


Myrium Bonami

Master Class Advisor

Anwaar Al Shimmari


Julia Hasa

Workshop Facilitator and Life and Career Coach


Our Brand Story

This social entrepreneurship initiative founded by young women based in Dubai/Europe supports SDG#4 and #5. Our founder was inspired by the SheLeads program of Creative Zone and Dubai Women Council, UAE. CommxConnect envisages a world where young minds are presented the global reality of career and work-life. The aim is to help students and professionals prepare for a career of the future through real-time industry mentorship.

We are on a mission to help young learners by offering invaluable professional career mentoring to increase their knowledge of emerging professions in the fields of business/engineering/health sciences, and providing bespoke career advisory services. While we do so, we are also building a support network and community of passionate career women-young mentees who document their success stories and become role models that inspire future generations.