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This social entrepreneurship initiative by young women based in Europe and UAE supports SDG#4and5. CommxConnect envisages a world where young minds are presented the global reality of career and work-life. We are on a mission to help young learners by offering invaluable professional career mentoring to increase their knowledge of emerging professions in the fields of business, engineering and technology, and providing bespoke career advisory services. While we do so, we are also building a support network and community of passionate career women—young mentees who document their success stories and become role models that inspire future generations.

This is a mentorship initiative that makes it easy for professionals like you to be great mentors without a significant time commitment. If you have ever considered giving back to the society through mentorship or supporting the career progression of individuals who are starting out in their career, come join us!

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Why CommxConnect?

Imagine a career and professional support built around your needs.

Imagine interacting with the finest Career Advisors in your field.

Imagine onboard Educational Specialists that connect you with your peers.

Now stop imagining. And experience CommxConnect.

Our Unique Approach

Blended and fully Digitised Workshops and Trainings.

Best and latest insights into Modern Careers.

Unique One-on-One Mentorship.

Mining of the latest and future trends in a Global Workplace.

Engaging bespoke conversations through expert guidance.

Countless students and professionals will be able to launch and shape their careers through getting mentored from experts like you. Mentoring makes one feel empowered to make better decisions in the life and achieve his/her goals faster. Nothing can be more satisfying than to play a role in developing skills of youngsters starting out or professionals seeking guidance. By doing so, you also become brain in your own right.

Some of the possible advantages for the mentee are:

» A better awareness of one's strengths and weaknesses

» A better awareness of one's values and goals

» The satisfaction of devoting oneself to one's personal and professional development

» Receiving constructive comments related to various skills

If you are an organization and would like to contribute to mentorships, you can do so in following ways:

  • Register your employees for mentoring consultations
  • Sponsor our youth mentoring workshops
  • Participate in our knowledge sharing seminars as speakers
  • Share human capital development and career success of your employees In our Magazine