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Mentoring for Students

Why is mentoring needed?

As young students, we tend to be faced with the daunting task of choosing a suitable career for ourselves that will fit our passion and talents.

There is a lot of talk about the behavior of millennials and their demands in the workplace, including their need to receive positive feedback and recognition immediately and continuously, their expectations for a flexible and accommodating environment, their questioning. processes and functions, as well as their quest for autonomy and meaning at work linked to their desire to "follow their passion".

Professional questions, we all have them. At 16, 18, 25, at 50. In this case, nothing beats the presence of an experienced person who generously shares his knowledge and experiences with us.

So, mentoring which offers a prime opportunity to provide direct feedback, context, relevance and a holistic view of the industry, can be an effective way to meet todays career challenges.

How do we support you?

University and high school students are guided on how to choose the best career that best suit their nature and passion.

We do not just stop at helping you to choose, we also go further by providing you a total support and guidance on the choice of relevant academic programs and workshops in order to accomplish your career ambitions.

You need latest insights into the current world of your job and future trends in the global job market place. Career Mentor has the answer.

We help you to build engaging bespoke critical thinking within yourself and then combine it with guidance from academic specialists and peers to guide you in making a decision that can really turn your career around for good.

Our mentoring conversations help you define the chances and risks of doing what your considering to do , and get support in finding out what you really want to do in life.

  • Gain in-depth understanding of career filed through Industry professional
  • Test drive the career filed with your industry mentor
  • Avail Psychometric Career Assessments on need basis
  • Get Subject/Major Selection Support
  • Understand your potential and development needs
  • Gain support to firm your career choices
  • Connect with a peer in the field

Senior students will get:

  • Support for stablishing a professional business network
  • Support for developing specific soft skills to excel in business
  • Creating a career plan and setting measurable goals
  • Creating a resume/CV that gets noticed using keywords
  • Guides for conducting a job search
  • Mastering the job interview process – answering tough questions
  • Learn How companies evaluate their employees
  • Get support on how to distinguish yourself on the job
  • Understand how to prepare for joining elite Schools for Masters Education

Your one consultation includes:

  • One 60 minute e-meeting with Industry Expert
  • Follow-up Email conversation with Mentor for a month
  • Access to Career Talk Webinar
  • Access to Career Mentor Library
  • Access to Career mentor Magazine
  • *Career Analysis Psychometric test
  • Connection with Peers in the your career field
  • And more...

We are here to Give you support for choosing university programs that makes you market relevant employable graduate!

You can book a free 30 minutes sessions with our academic program directors across the globe!

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Mentoring for Students

Client's Feedback

Client's Feedback

Mr. Rahul Samuel

University of Toronto

As I approach my graduation in Finance and Economics from the University of Toronto, I am extremely uncertain about future job prospects in today's environment. Career Mentor has allowed me to network with professionals, giving me insight into what it takes to succeed in the finance industry.

Client's Feedback

Ms. Anahita Ghai

Finding the right internship in covid times has been especially difficult as plans have had to be reworked. Glad that I have a clear direction as I am going back to Western University for my final semester. Thanks Career Mentor. Advice from industry experts in fashion help me stay ahead and make informed decisions.

Client's Feedback

Mr. Suraj Mani

The Singing Sensei, Singer songwriter. (Motherjane, Suraj Mani - The Tattva Trip)

A good teacher will simplify a subject for you and make you feel that your initial steps into a complex field are effortless. A 'great' teacher will simplify the subject SO MUCH that you will sometimes wonder whether you ever needed them. (You do!) With a 'great' teacher, your first few steps are so effortless, you feel like you're dancing with ease. Alwyn Fernandes is a 'great' mentor... of the guitar, of music and life.

Client's Feedback

Ms. Priyansha


My mentorship experience was truly inspirational. My mentor and I discussed all my concern in conversation while sharing our own experiences. I had a bit of understanding of what Digital Marketing is, but a mentoring consultation with Santesh Row was truly inspirational, his insights helped reveal much more and gave me a clearer perspective which I really appreciate. He said and I quote "Live in the day", and that's an advice I'll always remember...

A glipmse of the mentor panel
Client's Feedback

Expertise: Human Resources, Media
Experience: 20 years

Client's Feedback

Expertise: Human Resources, Media
Experience: 20 years

Client's Feedback

Expertise: CXO-Management, Customer Experience Government and Banking

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